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Find Query

The find query is used to get entries from the database. For more information about filtering, see on the search query page.

Getting entries


If you don't specify, which collection fields should be got, all collection fields will be returned


Every time, where a collection is a parameter, you could choose between the database collection object or just the name as a string

Simple getting

To simple get fields, just write all fields in the get method as strings.

query.get("field1", "field2", "field3")

Getting fields from specific database collection

This is used, if you join in multiple database collections, and one collection field is multiple times represented.

query.get(collection, "id")

Getting with an alias

This is used, if you want to have another name of the field in your result. It is needed, if you want to get two or more fields, which are multiple represented in the result, for example because of a join.

query.get("field1", "someOtherName")

This is also available with a database collection.

query.get(collection, "field1", "someOtherName")

Getting with an aggregation

This is used, if you would like to handle your result with an aggregation, like summing all numbers of a field.

query.get(Aggregation.SUM, "money")

Getting with a function

query.getFunction(yourFunction, "returnName")

These functions are available


QueryFunction.rowNumberFunction(orderField, order)

Last update: 2020-12-16